Phototherapy Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is characterized by the red inflamed skin. When the outer skin cells start reproducing at a faster pace, psoriasis is caused.  It is a kind of immune disorder that is caused due to the abnormal behavior of the T-cells. Whitish psoriatic scales are developed on the skin that get thickened and causes red patches on the skin. This type of disorder can cause irritation of the skin, itching and even restrict your motion. There are medication treatments which are helpful in treating this condition. However, phototherapy is the best treatment for psoriasis.

UV light treatment for psoriasis

Light therapy for treatment of psoriasis involves exposure of body to the UV light under the controlled conditions. There are specialized psoriasis lamps which emit UV light rays for treating psoriasis. Skin has the ability to absorb the UV rays because of its penetrative nature. Along with this, UV rays are capable of slowing down the formation of new skin cells which help in effectively treating psoriasis. Exposure to sunlight also makes your body to absorb UV rays but the intensity of UV rays from the sun is quite low.  Thus, UV ray lamps are used for treatment of psoriasis.

Light chambers for exposure of UV rays

There are chamber like devices for emitting UV rays. The patients have to stand in the chamber for several minutes on a regular basis to allow their body to absorb UV rays. These types of chambers are available with a controlling knob or digital control panel to control the amount of UV rays. This helps your body to get treated effectively of psoriasis.

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