Recreation- Its need and importance in modern world

Recreation is often confused with outdoor sports and activities. This is a big myth because recreation in the true sense means an activity of body and mind which gives relief from tension and fatigue. Our long and demanding work hours leaves us in a physical and mental fatigue and strain. Recreational activity relieves us of […]

Increasing cases of depression among the young generation

One of the major roadblocks to recovery for those who suffer from depression is our culture’s tendency to label them with depression and other mental health disorders. Often youngsters, go into depression because they are grappling with a new job, new life and responsibilities, dealing with complicated relationships and trying to fit into their peer […]

How to take care of Your Elderly Parents

We never want to face it but let’s accept it there comes a time when we need to anticipate the task of caring for an aging parent at home. Sooner or later avoidance can thrust adult children into the caregiver role with no preparation. A sudden slip in the bathroom, sudden concussion in the sleep […]